Affiliated Companies

Marty & Huggins Development

We are seeking conservative associates in the development of new homes in the Marion County and central Florida area. Partners that seek a healthy return on their money, overseen by experienced principals and project managers. An associate can have peace of mind when building a home with our assistance. The homes built by Marty Huggins Development, LLC oversight are delivered between 6-8 months. What does this mean for our associates? A great deal. A 6-8 month home delivery schedule, signifies that the funds used to build a home can be released and re-invested every 8 months or so. The Development company will pay a handsome return to all of our associates.

Our associates will hold a mortgage on the land/lot and on the construction of the house that will be build upon the lot. We handle all phases of the project and construction. The associate will receive a handsome return on their money, once the house is sold and closes.

The closing and recording of the promissory note and mortgage are done by our affiliate title company.

Please call us for further details and any questions. Roberto Gonzalez @ 352-282-7103.